Black Sand Swimwear is owned by Zariana Hayes and Brett Robbins, designed in Santa Barbara, California, and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. We started this brand to create a vision and style you cannot find anywhere else. Luxury in simplicity.  

Our women’s suits have a California style with a European cut. While our men’s suits range from the casual beach goer to the avid surfer. 

Zariana Hayes is the designer, founder, and of Black Sand Swimwear. She was born and raised in California and spends her time designing, modeling, and relaxing on the scenic beaches of Santa Barbara. Through experience in fashion and attention to detail she brought her dreams to life, and created her own swimwear line. Zariana is heavily influenced by the beauty of nature around her and the wonderful people she can share it with. 

Brett Robbins was born and raised in Santa Barbara, Ca. He was brought up in a surfing family and surfs every single day. His main inspiration comes directly from the ocean and its raw power. There truly is nothing more pure and exhilarating then riding a wave.