Welcome to Black Sand Swimwear.


Here you’ll find not only what we hope to be the next best addition to your swimwear collection, but an experience. I have been repeatedly inspired throughout my life. Most of the things that have inspired me to make these pieces have nothing to do with swimwear at all. 


People inspire me. The confidence a man has looking into a mirror. The sexiness of a woman. How every person has their own special thing that makes them unique.


I love seeing the girl across the coffee shop. How her style so effortlessly describes her way of life. 


The perfect pair of blue jeans.. how they glide up your back side as if they were made just for you.


Surfer’s inspire me. They wake up before the sun rises, putting on their coffee and suiting up. Rushing down where the sea meets their feet. The sand squeezing through their toes as their hair starts to shine with the light coming up. Watching them confidently fight their instincts to fall down the face of a wave and hope that their body will keep up with them. I love that having fun is what inspires them to wake up before the world does.


Music inspires me. The way that Led Zeppelin has made such a distinct sound that the world continues to copy it struggling to make it their own. I want to make a mark on the world like that. I want to be so unique that the world can’t keep up. 



My love. Brett, you inspire me. Your constant encouragement and guidance has brought me to fulfill my wildest dreams. 


Thank you for supporting our team.


I hope it meets all of your expectations!